Valley farm daycare is dedicated to working with children and families to best meet your child’s needs


We strongly believe in offering a program that promotes healthy development in all aspects by creating a warm, loving, safe, positive and fun environment. 


-Valley Farm Daycare


Valley Farm Daycare provides quality care based on the needs and interests of each child. Seaton Valley Childcare is fully licensed by the Ministry of Community and Social Services and meets or exceeds Provincial requirements and standards for childcare. The childcare will be regularly inspected by various agencies such as licensing officers from the Ministry of Social and Community Services, the Health Department, Fire Department, and Playground Safety agencies.


Our Location


Our location is professionally designed and built to accommodate busy infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children. Our facility, toys, outdoor playground and indoor spaces are all custom built to meet the developmental needs of your child.

·         Infant Centre accommodates young children aged 0-18 months and allows children to explore through play, stories, and painting

·         Toddler program offers free play activities related to simple math, science, and language concepts. Our activities include circle time, stories, songs, and outside play.

·         Our preschool program builds on math, science, and language using developmentally enhancing activities.



Our Philosophy


We believe that laying a strong foundation in the early formative years of life set the stage

for a lifetime of learning.  Therefore we exist to provide children with stimulating learning

opportunities that encourage curiosity, discovery, and a love for learning in safe and

loving environment.


At Valley Farm Daycare, we exist to:


- Enhance each child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

-Provide a nurturing environment that promotes each child’s self-esteem and positive self-image.

-Assist each child in recognizing their own uniqueness and importance.

-Teach children to respect themselves and each other.

-Equip children with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in future learning. 

-Promoting early learning and educational activities

-Fostering social development

-Encouraging individual growth

-Nurturing relationships

-Partnering with parents, caregivers and the community



Our Team


Staff at Valley Farm Daycare has been carefully chosen to care for your child. Each

program is taught by a qualified teacher who has a degree or diploma in Early Childhood

Education. Teachers are assisted by individuals who have extensive experience and

training with children.

Staff are thoroughly screened prior to their commencement at the centre. Staff undergo a

criminal reference check, health assessment, and multiple reference checks to ensure

they are the best possible caregiver for your child.

Our team is staffed with warm, caring, and professional individuals who goal is to help

your child gain the best possible learning experiences, develop healthy relationships, 

and discover the joys of learning in safe and loving environment.  Staff are always

available to discuss your child’s day and progress in the program. Feedback and

comments are encouraged and welcomed.









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